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Expenses incurred for teaching aids are an allowable tax deduction for school teachers and teacher aides. Where used for both work-related and private purposes, costs of teachers’ aids must be apportioned, and a deduction claimed only for that proportion that is work-related.

Examples of this type of expenditure would include

  • Pens, pencils, textas/markers/highlighters, coloring pencils/pens, stamps/stamp pads, stickers, paints, stationery, posters, maps, laminating, etc.;
  • Storybooks, jigsaws, games, toys used by early childhood, primary school, or special education employee teachers;
  • Items used in cooking or sewing classes or science experiments;
  • Prizes purchased to reward achievement and encourage students;
  • Entrance fees for school excursions;
  • Whistles and stopwatches used by physical education employee teachers; conventional watches with a stopwatch function are not deductible (see paragraphs 226 to 230);
  • Calculators/calculator batteries if the calculator is used in teaching relevant subjects such as mathematics, physics, accounting, or business practices; and
  • Costs of maintaining classroom or school pets.
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