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23 March 2020.

Following are some PDF fact sheets etc on the different components to the Stimulus 2 Package. Note the government has announced there may be more stimulus to follow. Additional analysis and explanaitions will follow in other posts.

Decision Tree ==> If you start reading through all the Stimulus 1 and 2 material you can quickly become overwhelmed. This decision tree is a good tool to quickly assess entitlements and identify where to start your inquiry.

Cash Flow Assistance for Business ==> Explanation of the package and some examples of employers and their entitlements.

Income Support for Individuals ==> 6 month supplement benefit of $550 per fortnight for certain welfare recipients

Payments to Support Households ==> 1 off payment for certain welfare recipients.

Providing Support for Retirees ==> Various measures modifying superannuation pension draw downs and retirement benefit entitlements.

Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses ==> Various measures modifying debtor demands and bankruptcy regulations.


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